(MENTAL SKILLS EXERCISE/TRAINING FOR STUDENTS/ATHLETES AND ADULTS/SENIORS … CONDITIONING FOR BOTH THE FIRST HALF AND SECOND HALF OF LIFE) – exercise/app for Android and Apple/iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) and for web/internet gameplay (
The concept of the concentration grid has been in existence for many years – as a mental skills exercise/tool used by coaches and professionals with athletes and others.
The objective of the concentration grid exercise is to select in sequence each of the numbers (randomly arranged and presented) in the grid. Performance is timed. The challenge is to complete the grid as quickly as possible. The exercise calls for focus and concentration.
The concentration grid exercise is long-time favorite of coaches and athletes (who typically complete the exercise using printed/paper sheets).
Save paper by using the Concentration Grid app on a mobile device.
The Concentration Grid app can be used by coaches, athletes, students, teachers, parents, children, adults – young and old … those of any age who want to challenge themselves and practice/improve their ability to focus.


Concentration Grid is intended to provide an experience that is simple and straightforward … like the printed paper grid exercise. But more convenient.
Focus. Concentration.


With the Concentration Grid app the level and nature of the challenge can be varied by changing the size of the grid – by selecting the number of rows and columns for the grid.
Grids can be generated in a variety of sizes – from 3 columns/rows to 14 columns/rows. (A grid does not have to have the same number of rows and columns.). More rows/columns, more numbers. More numbers, more time.
Try a 3×3 grid … a 3×14 grid … a 7×7 grid … a 7×10 grid … a 10×10 grid …. a 10×14 grid … a 14×14 grid. You get the idea.
Challenge yourself with Concentration Grid. Track and measure your improvement as you practice. Then compare your best grid times against the best grid times of teammates and others … who is the fastest? Who is a master of the grid? (Staff and teachers can set up competitions/tournaments.)
Monitor your progress.
Some benchmarks …
The standard is a 10×10 grid – which a grid master should be able to complete in under 4 minutes.
A 3×3 grid can be completed in about 3 seconds.

A 5×5 grid might be completed in under 12 seconds.

A 7×7 grid can be completed by a master in well under a minute.

A 14×14 grid will take well over 10 minutes to complete.
Test yourself: Can you complete a 6×6 grid in under 30 seconds?
Smaller grids will call for dexterity and quick vision as well as focus/concentration.
Larger grids will challenge your ability to sustain focus/concentration … your mental stamina is put to the test.
Practice makes perfect. Sustained attention and effort are rewarded with improved performance/times in the grid exercise.
The grid exercise can be practiced in quiet places or during road trips or during scheduled times/sessions/practices … or under loud/distracting conditions (that challenge attention). Use the exercise regularly to practice and improve concentration ability. In a world filled with distractions, anyone can use Concentration Grid to practice focus skills.
The Concentration Grid app will provide your grid time (elapsed time to complete the grid exercise) as well as a GRID_ID data set that includes additional information about your performance.
Concentration Grid will maintain a history/file for you to monitor your performance/improvement.
And Concentration Grid includes a SHARE feature which will allow you to share/post your grid times and screenshots on social media.
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