Sponsor or conduct a multi-team/intra-team or open school-wide Concentration Grid tournament/contest:

The contest could be conducted either as an in-person event (all entrants in one venue) at one time or run over an extended period of time (entrants submit entries by a deadline time/date).

The competition could have all entrants competing on a single grid size (e.g. 6×6 grid or 10×10 grid) or entrants competing on one or more of a selected number of multiple grid sizes – each grid size presenting a different challenge to competitors.

Benchmark grid times: 3×3 grid under 3 seconds … 6×6 grid under 30 seconds … 9×9 grid under 3 minutes.)

The long-time standard for concentration grid is the 10×10 grid – with a benchmark grid time of under 4 minutes.

Submission of an entry would require an entrant to provide (post or send by email/text message) a screenshot of the completed gameplay screen – which will include the GRID_ID/grid time (for verification). Multiple entries by entrant may be permitted by contest rule.

For an in-person event, there could be simultaneous head-to-head competition between entrants – tournament style … or group/bingo style. The competition may include multiple rounds.

The best grid times win. Various prizes can be awarded to winners.


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