• Concentration game/exercise for athletes, coaches, students, teachers, parents, others – challenge your student-athletes, challenge your teams, challenge yourself

• Challenge/practice your power of focus/concentration with grids from 3 to 14 rows/columns … complete a 3×3 grid in under 5 seconds, a 4×4 grid in under 10 seconds, a 5×5 grid in under 15 seconds, a 6×6 grid in under 30 seconds, a 7×7 grid in under 1 minute, an 8×8 grid in under 2 minutes, a 9×9 grid in under 3 minutes, a 10×10 grid in under 4 minutes

• Track the performance of your student-athletes, your teams, yourself as you practice/develop using data/history and screenshot/GRID_ID features

• Share your best gridtimes/screenshots on social media and by email/text message with friends/teammates and other athletes/competitors … hold intra-squad and inter-team competitions

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