The concept of the concentration grid has been in existence for many years – as a tool/exercise used by coaches to improve performance of their athletes. Many coaches still use the grid exercise – using printed paper sheets distributed to their athletes. (The concentration grid exercise is a favorite of baseball/softball coaches and players.)

The objective of the concentration grid exercise is to select in sequence each of the numbers (randomly arranged and presented) in the grid. Performance is timed. Concentration grids can be used by students, teachers, parents, young and old – children/adults of any age who want to challenge themselves.

The purpose of the mobile device implementation of Concentration Grid is to provide an experience that is simple and straightforward like the printed paper exercise.

The design and layout of Concentration Grid is intended to enhance the ability of the player to focus and concentrate during game play.

Nothing fancy. Nothing distracting. Nothing flashy. Only the grid. Black. White. Red. No on-screen timer. No ticking clock.

Focus. Concentration.

The level/nature of the challenge can be changed by changing the size of the grid – by selecting the number of rows and columns. Grids can be generated in a variety of sizes based on the selected number of rows and columns.

Grid sizes may range from 3×3 grid to 14×14 grid – from 3 columns/rows to 14 columns or rows. And a grid does not have to be square (with the same number of rows and columns). Try a 3×14 grid … or a 7×10 grid?

Challenge yourself against some benchmarks and against teammates/others … A common size is a 10×10 grid – which a master of the grid can complete in under 4 minutes.
A 14×14 grid may take well over 10 minutes to complete.
A 3×3 grid might be completed in under 3 seconds.
A 5×5 grid might be completed in under 12 seconds.
Can you complete a 6×6 grid in under 30 seconds?

Smaller grids will call for dexterity as well as focus/concentration. Larger grids might test your focus/concentration … and mental stamina.

Sustained attention and effort are rewarded with improved performance/times in the grid exercise.

The grid exercise can be used in quiet places or during road trips or during school/practices … or might be practiced under loud/distracting (game day) conditions. Parents and teachers might have their children/students use the exercise periodically to develop concentration ability.

Concentration Grid will provide your elapsed time to complete the grid exercise as well as a GRID_ID data set that includes additional information about your performance.

Concentration Grid will maintain a history/file for you to monitor your performance/improvement.

And Concentration Grid includes a SHARE feature which will allow you to share/post your grid times and screenshots on social media.

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