Mental Training with Youth Sport Teams: Developmental Considerations & Best Practice Recommendations

Mental Training with Youth Sport Teams: Developmental Considerations & Best Practice Recommendations

J Sport Psychol Action. 2013 Jan 1 (published online 2013 Mar 13)

Amanda J. Visek, Brandonn Harris, and Lindsey C. Blom


Working with youth athletes requires knowledge of the inherent variability in child and adolescent development that will impact the implementation of a mental training program. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of developmental considerations that should be noted when doing mental training, particularly for athletes participating in sport at mid-childhood, early adolescence, and mid-adolescence. Gender differences at these stages of development are also highlighted. Additionally, we forward best practice recommendations and learning-activities that have been tailored for each developmental stage that can be used in the provision of a mental training program in a team setting.

Table 1 – Mental Skills Training Activities Adapted for Youth Sport Teams …

Using a concentration grid, time athletes as they complete the grid one athlete at a time while the others are creating a variety of external distractions to slow them down; can process regarding identifying relevant and irrelevant cues and strategies used to shift focus on only the relevant cues associated with the task.


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